We are a media production company, based in Brooklyn, focused on creating engaging content that connects brands with new audiences. We produce a wide variety of content from comedy and music videos, to corporate and event videos. At heart we are storytellers, and no matter what type of video we are creating, our goal is to tell a story that sticks with the viewer.

Producing content is a collaborative effort and we want to create content with our clients. That’s the reason we replaced the “i” in imagine with a “co”. Our style is your style. The content we create varies greatly because every brand’s message is different. We strive to find the best way to deliver a brand’s message, not our own.

When we aren’t creating videos for clients, we are producing our own content. This allows us to experiment with new genres and techniques, as well as interact with new audiences. Our content has generated over ten million views on YouTube, as well as many more through other platforms.

A Selection Of Our Work